Barbie Galaxy Dress ~ Free Crochet Pattern

Hello! I meant to post yesterday, but I hadn’t taken any pictures, and I refuse to post a pattern without pictures. :) Finally, the stars have collided and I can share my latest creation with you.

I saw a completely awesome dress on the cover of my most recent book (‘These Broken Stars’, you can google it if you want to see) and I knew I wanted to crochet it for the Barbies. It took a while to figure out how to do the ruffles, and when I did figure it out, it took a LOT of yarn (at least for a Barbie dress! I think I could have made a cowl out of the same yardage!) I really like the finished product though, and I hope you do too. (It’s named the Galaxy Dress in honor of the space-themed book it was inspired by.)



  • Size H (5.00 MM) crochet hook
  • Size L (8.00 MM) crochet hook
  • 1 skein of worsted-weight yarn (I used Red Heart Super Saver, as usual)
back view

back view

Top (make 2 pieces)

Using smaller hook, ch 19. Work in back loops now and throughout.
Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hk and in next 11 ch, hdc in last 6 ch.
Row 2: Ch 1, turn, hdc in first 6 sts, sc in next 12 sts.
Row 3: Ch 1, turn, sc in first 12 sts, hdc in next 6 sts.
Row 4: Ch 1, turn, hdc in first 6 sts, sl st through both loops of next st and fasten off, leaving tail for sewing.
Make your second piece and then leave them be. We’ll join them after we make the skirt.


Using larger hook, ch 80 (I know!), join with a sl st to form a ring, being careful not to twist the chain. Yes, this seems really long, but that’s what makes it ruffle, you’ll see later.
Rnd 1: Ch 2 (counts as dc now and throughout), dc in next ch and in each ch around through back loops only, sl st to beg ch to join.
Rnd 2-3: Ch 2, dc in each st around, sl st to ch 2 to join.
Rnd 4: Change to smaller hook. Ch 1 and work through the back loops only on this round. Sc2tog around, gathering up the opening a bit. Sl st to 1st sc to join. Change back to bigger hook.
Rnd 5: Ch 1. Work in the unused front loops of the previous round. Dc in each front loop around, sl st to first dc to join (because there was no ch 2 at the beginning of this round.)
Rnd 6-9: Repeat Rnd 5, repeat Rnds 2-3, then repeat Round 4 once.
Rnd 10-13: Repeat Rnd 5, repeat Rnds 2-3, then repeat Round 4 once.
Rnd 14-15: Repeat Rnd 5, then repeat Rnd 2.
Rnd 16: Switch to smaller hook and sc2tog around.
Rnd 17: Continue with smaller hook and sc2tog around. Fasten off, leaving long tail for sewing.


  1. Start with the top and fold one of the pieces in half. Use the tail from Row 4 and weave it through three stitches so you can sew the BOTTOM 4 stitches together. Fold it so you can sew along the chain end as well, basically you’re sewing an armhole.
  2. Do this on the other piece too.
  3. Hold the pieces together so the sc side meets in the back, then sew together the bottom 4 stitches there.
  4. Overlap the front, the chain end of the hdc side, by one row, then sew about 5 stitches up.
  5. Put the top on the Barbie and slide the skirt up to it (this made it easier for me anyhow.) Fold the skirt in half and mark the halfway points, then start at the side of the top and sew the skirt to it, using the markers to help place it.
  6. Weave in all ends and you’re done!

I hope I explained everything okay, it was kind of confusing to write the skirt pattern, so if you have any questions please do ask. I think this might be my new favorite Barbie dress, as I am a huge fan of anything ruffly and fancy. :)

Have a great day!

Cabled Chicken Sweater

Do you remember the Chick Cozy?

I can hardly remember when the chickens were that small! Good thing we have pictures, or I wouldn’t believe it… This post was over a year ago, and here’s what I said about it:

I’m planning to do a larger version when they’re all grown up, too.

I think they count as all grown up…or close enough!

The chickens were not happy when I tried this on them. Harriet was the best about it (she modeled the Chick Cozy as well) but she managed to remove it while I was trying to take pictures. This is really just a photo prop – if you want a practical chicken sweater, check out this pattern. It’s worth just google-imaging ‘chicken sweater’ for some adorable pictures.

A really, really lame picture in which Harriet flees from the Crazy Crochet Lady

A really, really lame picture in which Harriet flees from the Crazy Crochet Lady (the best I could get, though)

I, of course, did not invent the crochet cable; I learned it from various sources like this Craftsy tutorialActually, that link is the exact pattern that I used for the cable, although I made this whole sweater whilst sitting with the chickens. I will write it out in the pattern, but go there for a photo tutorial. (Yay for pictures!)



  • Small amount of worsted weight yarn (Red Heart Eco Ways for me in Aquarium) (I love being able to tell you the exact brand and color I used! It hardly ever happens!)
  • I (5.50 MM) hook
  • One chicken, 1 year or older

Special Stitches and Notes

  • Front post triple crochet (fptr): Click here for a tutorial on Moogly. The tutorial shows front post double crochet, so just do a triple instead and you’ll be good (wrap the yarn 2 times instead of 1.)
  • Cable Pattern (worked over 6 stitches):
    1. Right-side Cable (RS Cable): Skip next 3 stitches. Fptr over the next 3 stitches. Then go back to the 3 skipped stitches and fptr around each of them.
    2. Wrong-side Cable (WS Cable): Bptr around each of the next 6 stitches.
  • I use US terms in all of my patterns!

Starting from the bottom, ch 20, dc in 3rd ch from hk and in each ch across (18 sts.)

Row 2: Ch 2, turn, dc in first 6 sts, work RS Cable, dc in last 6 sts.

Row 3: Ch 2, turn, dc in first 6 sts, work WS Cable, dc in last 6 sts.

Rows 4-7: Repeat Rows 2 and 3.

Row 8: Repeat Row 2 one more time.

Row 9: Ch 2, turn, dc2tog, dc in next 4 sts, work WS Cable, dc in next 4 sts, dc2tog.

Row 10: Ch 2, turn, dc2tog, dc in next 3 sts, work RS Cable, dc in next 3 sts, dc2tog.

Row 11: Ch 2, turn, dc2tog twice, work WS Cable, dc2tog twice.

Row 12: Ch 2, turn, dc2tog, work RS Cable, dc2tog.

Row 13: Ch 2, turn, 1 dc, work WS Cable, dc in last st.

Row 14: Ch 2, turn, 1 dc, work RS Cable, dc in last st.

Lay your chicken sweater out with the RS facing you and make sure that your yarn is at the upper left-hand corner. Next, chain 40 and slip stitch to the upper right hand corner to form the neck strap. Slip stitch across Row 14 to bring you back to the left-hand corner. Sc down the left edge, making your stitches into the row ends. When you reach the bottom left-hand corner, chain 20 and attach to the bottom right-hand corner with a sc. Continue up the right side, and slip stitch to the first stitch to join. Fasten off, weave in ends.

Now the hardest part: try to put it on a chicken! The ‘easiest’ way is to put the strap around their neck (carefully!), then put the bottom strap around their tail, and quickly take a picture before they get too angry at you. You can see that I failed here…

Nevertheless, if you do make a chicken sweater, please let me know!

Pineapple Shawl

I made this shawl about a year ago, but I never posted about it (procrastination strikes again!) As it was a fairly sunny day, I took this opportunity to take some pictures, so I can finally share it with y’all!

The yarn was from an estate sale, I got a huge yarn haul from there. Actually, there were several other ladies that saw me buying all the yarn, and one of them found a skein and gave it to me, saying “Hey, yarn girl…” Yarn crafters are just so friendly. :)


The odd thing is, I hardly ever wear shawls, or scarves, or cowls, yet they’re my favorite things to crochet… maybe I’m better suited to making Barbie dresses, because there are always more Barbies to clothe!


I love the shadow the shawl casts, so I hung it up on the chicken run’s fence (which also casts a pretty shadow) and started taking pictures, but I was interrupted.


Why hello, Harriet. No, I don’t mind if you stand in the middle of my picture and pose. Yes, you’re a pretty pretty chicken. Now would you mind moving? …


I swear Harriet can tell when I’m trying to photograph something, because she ALWAYS comes and poses. She’s a camera hog. :)

My sister saw me struggling to take pictures, so she took pity on me and helped me out:


Admittedly, I think the shawl looks a lot better without me modeling it, but in general shawls are worn on people, so there we are.


In case you were wondering, here are the pattern and yarn details:

Pattern: Aphrodite Shawl (this pattern has a lot of different names, I went with the Pineapple Shawl for my purposes. I’ve linked to the Ravelry page so you can take your pick.)

Yarn: I used about 5 skeins of Lily Sugar and Cream Cotton in ‘Denim’. The finished shawl is nice and drapey and doesn’t need to be blocked (which is awesome, because I’ve never blocked anything!) I didn’t have enough yarn for the very last row, though, so I just left it off, and I still like it.

Hook: J (6.00 MM) as in the pattern


My favorite picture, taken by my sister (as much as I’d love to take credit here!) This is Pearl, looking adorable as always. And the next picture is by my sister as well (thank you! *waves*)


Now I’m curious: how many of you wear scarves or shawls or the like? I don’t like things tickling me so maybe that’s part of it. I would add a poll but WordPress appears to be angry at me. (It’s been angry at me a lot lately, I think – have you noticed I’ve started to replace my pictures?) You can still tell me your wonderful thoughts in the comments. :)

Now what should I crochet next? …

World Traveling Bunnies ~ Free Crochet Pattern

Why World Traveling Bunnies? Because I was making some bunnies for the Bunny Drop Project, and I needed a name, and it is my hope that bunnies will eventually conquer explore the world! These were actually inspired by the Mochimochi Land Tiny Baby Bunnies, but as those are knitted, I crocheted some instead. (I modified the ears and shape though…)


  • Small amount of worsted weight yarn in bunny color (3 yards maybe?)
  • Even smaller amount in ear color
  • Still smaller amount for eye color (I like doing black ears and black eyes so I don’t have any extra ends)
  • F (3.75 MM) crochet hook

Row 1: Ch 7, 2sc in 2nd ch from hk and in each ch across (12)

Rows 2-4: Ch 1, turn, sc in each st across in front loops only

Row 5: Ch 1, turn, sc2tog 6x in front loops only, fasten off leaving a tail for sewing.

Assembly: Weave the ending tail through the last 6 stitches and pull to tighten, then fold it in half and sew down the side of the rows. Stuff. Now sew the remaining gap closed for the tail.

Ears Find the spare front loops at the top of your bunny where you want the ears to be. Join the ear color (black for me) with a slip stitch and chain 10, sl st in the same space. Sl st across the spare loops until you get to the 2nd ear, then chain 10 and sl st in the same space.

Embroider eyes (I use the long tail I leave when I fasten off the ears) and attach a tail if you like.


You could use the ones from Lollipops and Rainbows, but I hand-wrote all the tags this time like this:

Hello, my name is
I’m a tiny bunny,
take me home with you!
My job is to make you smile. :)

… and the back:
Handmade with love
The Bunny Drop Project


From left to right: Hermione the Gumdrop Bunny, Oreo the World Traveler, Hector the Classic Bunny, Minerva the World Traveler, and Bluie the Tiny BDP Bunny.

Okay, I’m off to drop off some bunnies now…have a great day! :)


Yes, I used both a hashtag and the word ‘selfie’ in the same sentence! :) I saw All About Ami’s post inviting you to let your amigurumi take over your phone and I just had to do it. So, almost 7 months later, some of my cephalopods got ahold of a phone and here’s the result…



I made a ton of these cephalopods from the pattern by ea1701, but these were the only ones I could find. (For a person who claims to hardly ever buy crochet patterns, I’m not making a very good case for myself!)

Have you taken any selfies lately?

Dollhouse Bedroom Remodel (A Guest Post by Hilary)

Hi there! Today, for a change of pace, my Barbie Hilary is going to post about her recent dollhouse remodel, since it affected her a lot more than it affected me. So I will hand it over to her…

Hello Cogaroo Crafts readers! My name is Hilary, and you might have seen me on this blog before – I modeled the Spring Princess DressI’m excited to be posting today! 

As you may have gathered from Cogaroo, I recently remodeled my house and I thought I would blog about it. (Thanks for stealing my thunder, Cogaroo!) It has been a long and strenuous process, but I’m very pleased with the result. I can’t find my before pictures, but you can click HERE to see the original dollhouse. (The room I’m posting about is in the upper right.) I got it second-hand, so some of the windows were missing, and we didn’t have all the furniture. Therefore I decided it was time for a remodel.


This is the room after I had finished with it. I’m especially pleased with the desk area. Here I added new wallpaper, a curtain, bought a new desk, covered my formerly blue chair with a crochet cover, and got a fun fur rug. 


The chair cover was made by chaining 10 and doing several rows of Tunisian simple stitch. It would vary for your chair. Cogaroo wants me to write down the pattern for the rug too, so here we go:


  • Small amount of fun fur yarn (Lion Brand shown)
  • J (6.00 MM) crochet hook

Ch 11. Sc in 2nd ch from hk and in each ch across. (It’s really hard to see your stitches…I went through the front loops only on some of the stitches and both loops on others, just whatever’s easiest.)
Rows 2-?: Ch 1, turn, sc 10 across. Keep going until it’s as long as you like then fasten off and weave in ends.

Yes, it’s really simple, and I can hardly call it a pattern! However, Cogaroo says some of you might like to know how I made it, so there you go. :) 


My new room is perfect for reading and relaxing…here I am reading happily [Note from Cogaroo: Kind of reminds me of the checkerboard pattern from the Harry Potter books!]


I really like the afghan, too, it’s comfortable, and I like the granny roses…I’ll do a closeup below, so you can see how they’re laid out.


So it’s the granny rose pattern from Apple Blossom Dreams, replacing the chain-1 with a slip stitch to the designated rose. I actually copied Astri’s scarf here!…but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…right? :D

It’s been a pleasure talking to you, but I must take my leave now…have a great day!
Hilary xxx

Hope you enjoyed hearing from Hilary…we will resume our scheduled blogging in my next post, which will be who-knows-when (I’m enjoying summer while it’s still here!) Thanks for all your awesome comments on my WordPress PSA. I greatly appreciate your concern and sweet comments, and hopefully I’ll find the energy to re-upload some pictures soon!


You know when you go to a blog and you want to see a picture, but there’s just a box with a question mark in it? I always wondered how that happened. Now I know…and of course I learned the hard way.

WordPress kept telling me I had almost used up all my space and I would need to buy a ‘storage update’ soon. I don’t know about you, but that’s not where I want to spend my money. I’d much rather spend it on yarn! I went through and merrily deleted all 70+ pages of pictures in my Media Library, watching it go from 98% of space used to 50% and finally to 2%, when it said ‘Media Library Empty.’

You’ve possibly guessed where this is going, right? You’d be right. Almost all of my pictures are gone. Gobbled up by the Cyberspace Monsters when I cheerfully clicked ‘Select All’ and ‘Delete Permanently.’ Goooooooooooone. *insert mournful wailing here*

It’s going to take AGES to add all of these pictures again. I don’t even know if I have them on iPhoto anymore – they’re certainly not in my WordPress library! The weird thing is, not all of them are gone, even though I deleted them all. For example, Elsa’s Crown still has pictures, and the Barbie Winter Princess Dress too. I have no idea why.


My pictures will have not have vanished in vain if I can prevent you from doing the same thing. I’m still pretty new to the inner workings of WordPress, despite having blogged for almost two years. Obviously I am. But there are some new bloggers who will fill up their media libraries and maybe not want to buy the storage upgrade. I hope you can find this post so you don’t go through the same thing!

So I want to apologize for the box-with-a-question-mark-in-it that you’re going to be seeing a lot around Cogaroo Crafts. I’ll start with the more popular posts, and I’ll hopefully get through all my patterns at some point…looking back, some of my pictures are just awful, so I’ll use this opportunity to retake a lot of them. It’ll look a lot better in the long run!

But in the short run…


in which Briar gets a new dress

I’m always looking for new doll dress patterns, and I happened to find a tutorial for an ‘Easy-On Dress For Your Monster High Doll‘. Briar is an Ever After High doll, but I thought they might have similar proportions I can tell you I was wrong, because I got a MH, and they have the weirdest proportions I’ve ever seen! At the time, though, I didn’t know this, but it was similar enough to work.


My mom let me raid her fabric stash and I found this cute striped fabric. It was also stretchy, which was new. I’m not a great seamstress, but I’m passable at hand-sewing, so with the tutorial I managed to get by. :) What I love about the dress is it doesn’t have any fasteners, it just slips on and ties at the back, so it’s easy to dress her in, and nothing gets snagged on her hair!


Here’s a view of the back, you can see the tie (which kind of looks like a scarf) and the open back. I used some of the same fabric for the tie because I didn’t have any ribbon, and it’s nice and stretchy too.


Some of the stitches are visible, and a hem is sort of coming undone, but I’m still rather pleased with it – and I think Briar is too, at least she hasn’t told me otherwise. :) So this tutorial by Barbie Beauties gets my full approval, and I’ll be coming back to it in the future if I get a pressing urge to sew more doll clothes!

So, what about you – do you prefer sewing or crocheting (or knitting!) doll clothes? I think they all have their benefits, although I would still say crocheting because it’s easier for me. The tiny seams and hems can get fiddly. But I’d love to hear your opinion!

Canoe Island and Crocheted Flowers

I hope you’ll forgive me for my short post yesterday, because I’m back now with pictures! I went to camp armed with two disposable cameras, so I’ll share some of the pictures today.


I think Canoe Island is the most beautiful place in the world, and pictures really can’t sum it up, particularly when they were scanned into the computer from a disposable camera. :)

malmaison beach

These might be my two favorite pictures because of the good lighting, and this is without doubt my favorite beach. You can’t overturn a rock without dozens of crabs scuttling out!

inspiration point

Here’s the view from Inspiration Point; the days were wonderfully sunny for the San Juan Islands!


We slept in tipis most of the time, unless there was a sleep-out on the dock or something. Mine’s the one on the right.


I decorated my portion with crocheted bunting (in CIFC colors) and lots of pictures.  I think the bunting will make it to this blog in the future, it’s basically a bunch of Valentiny Hearts <3 strung together.


(Last picture of the tipi area, I hope I’m not boring you!) I loved my tipi, but it was at the top of the hill, and the flagpole and dining room were (of course) at the bottom. But it did mean I had a pretty great view down the hill. :)

Flowers 1

The theme of our session was ‘Le Monde Francophone’ (The French-speaking World), and everyone picked a country. Mine was Polynésie Française, and every country prepared a booth for the World Fair at the end. My team decided to go with the flower theme, so I offered to crochet some flowers.



At first I just made a few for decoration, but I was cheered on by my team, so I ended up making a flower for all 72 people on the island. Then at the World Fair they picked a flower and had their personality told from the piece of paper on the left. Not everyone picked a flower, so I left five for the next girls in my tipi, and I had some extra to take home. (I took a ton of pictures of them, but these were the only good ones. )

What’s weird is I made up the flower pattern at camp based on several patterns I’d seen around Blogland, but when I got home, I realized it was almost exactly like Mrs. M’s April Flower! The only difference was I did half double crochets in the first round. So if you want the pattern, you should go over there. I found this kind of amusing. :)

inspiration point 3

So that’s what I’ve been up to for the past 3 weeks! I thought you might like to see some pictures, since I enjoy seeing where y’all go on  trips. :) I’ll be posting more craft-related things soon, in fact, I have some planned already. I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will talk to you later.

Hello again!

It’s been far too long since I last talked to you, and I’ve missed the blogosphere…it’s good to be back. I don’t really have anything to post about right now, though, because I’m too lazy to find any pictures.

I wanted to post just so you knew I wasn’t ignoring you, and also to mention some new things that you may have noticed. First, the new theme: I wasn’t really happy with my last one and it’s nice to have a change, so don’t get too attached, because it will probably change again sometime. :) If you prefer one theme over another, please let me know, because you are the ones who read it! Also, the social media buttons in the sidebar: I’m now on Facebook and Pinterest, and of course Ravelry (plus there’s an email button there too.) So if those social media sites are your thing, maybe you can come over and say hello!

I know this is a really short post, hopefully I’ll have some craft-related stuff to post about soon. I did do a lot of crocheting at camp, which I’ll share with you as soon as I get the pictures developed. Thank you very much for your patience, it’s greatly appreciated. Things will get back to normal soon! <3 It feels weird to post again, what do I normally talk/ramble about, anyway?

And,  because I don’t like to post without a picture…happy hens foraging!
(What’s black and white and red all over? A Plymouth Barred Rock! Yes, I am hilarious…*sarcasm*)


Have a wonderful, yarn-filled day, and I’ll talk to you later. :)