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A Flash Mob of Crochet Safety Cones

Today is my last Drivers’ Ed class, so I decided to crochet safety cones for everyone in the class. Unfortunately, I didn’t make this decision until yesterday afternoon, so yesterday and today saw me frantically crocheting twelve safety cones. But I finished in plenty of time for my class this evening. I used this pattern,… Continue reading A Flash Mob of Crochet Safety Cones

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5-Loop Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

Friendship bracelets seem to be a summer camp tradition, so it will come as no surprise that I returned home with an armful of them. One of my friends made one for me, and I was intrigued by the pattern…it looked like a cross between an icord and a braid. “It’s the kind with the loops,”… Continue reading 5-Loop Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

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The “Winter” Launch Party

As many of you know, I attended the Winter launch party to celebrate the Lunar Chronicles series finale. See my excited fangirling post here. I brought along the four dolls I crocheted so I could show Marissa Meyer. (Spoiler alert: she liked them! Yay!) And, because you’re my lovely supportive blog followers, I have pictures for you!… Continue reading The “Winter” Launch Party

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Remember Cinder? Well, I’ve actually finished all four of the Lunar Chronicles amigurumis. And I came to the realization that Winter comes out on Tuesday. Let me just repeat that: WINTER COMES OUT ON TUESDAY!!! Sorry, sorry. I’m calming down now. (No I’m not. I probably won’t calm down about Winter for at least another month. But let’s pretend I’m calm.) I… Continue reading 👠🐺🌙❄️

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Mc2 Sweater Top: Free Crochet Pattern

I cannot figure out how to get the 2 in the title to do the Mc2 thing; the HTML isn’t working. Oh well, perhaps you can imagine it in. Anyway, today I have a crochet pattern for a new kind of doll – Mc2! On Friday I acquired “McKeyla,” who’s the main character in this new… Continue reading Mc2 Sweater Top: Free Crochet Pattern

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How I Crocheted Cinder (From “The Lunar Chronicles”)

Hi! I’m very excited to show you my latest crochet project. :D And hello to all my new followers! It jumped from 212 to 239 in about a day, which made me very happy. *waves* You might remember my post about Queen Levana a while ago. I mentioned that I was totally obsessed with The Lunar Chronicles by… Continue reading How I Crocheted Cinder (From “The Lunar Chronicles”)